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Our Thugs & Dressers project is an ongoing collection of illustrations that feature some of the friends and followers of the CLOSERThanMOST brand in their Saturday Best.

Football casuals, skins, mods, dressers and trendies alike, stand up, get your best clobber on and strike a pose for this unique gallery.

Want to get sketched? Just drop us a large (the bigger the better), clear head-to-toe image of you in your finest garms to or drop us an inbox via our Facebook page

Lars Frederiksen The Old Firm Casuals Tranmere stanley boys casual hooligans
Thugs and dressers Motherwell K-way cagoule Thugs and dressers aquascutum
 Thugs and Dressers Leeds sergio tacchini Thugs and Dressers Pompey Fila casual
Thugs and Dressers Airdrie stone island Thugs and Dressers sheffield MA.STRUM aquascutum
Thugs and dressers casuals sheffield Thugs and Dressers skinhead middlesbrough
football casual clothing Football casual dressers Stuttgart germany
football terrace casuals t-shirts Football Casual clothing
Football Casual clothing  Football Casual Culture