Our only politics is street politics: Working-class power.

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Our only politics is street politics: Working-class power.

With the use of our clothing we'd like to think that we can change the world, especially with those that inspire us and feature powerful working-class slogans and imagery. Of course we fully understand that on the grand scheme of things, even in the clothing world that we're just a small drop in a vast ocean. However if we can evoke emotion in just some of the people who share our passion when they wear our garms, then in a sense, we are changing the world and having an impact, even if it is just a relatively small one. 

After a browse of our store and some of our products, you could mistakenly mislead yourself into thinking that we have a political stance or even perhaps an allegiance to a political party. This is certainly not the case, even if some of the slogans we've used sometimes derive from one. We just create or use slogans that fit with how we feel and what we stand for, regardless of their original intended purpose. We like to bend the rules like that.

In fact, we'd probably consider ourselves apolitical and I personally made a conscious decision some time ago to avoid mainstream media and also vowed to never vote in an election again. Nobody in politics represents the working-classes, no matter how much they claim to. Most of our proposed leaders don't even understand us. They have never walked in our shoes, so how could they?

With that being said, a lack of interest or faith in our current political system doesn't mean that we can't be proud of who we are and where we've come from. After all, the working-classes have a lot to be proud of. For one we created all of the greatest subcultures and street styles ever to come to fruition, most of which were created using clothing that was never intended for us or in some cases wasn't even meant for fashion at all. More often than not these movements had music attached to them, too. From the 60's mods to punk, skins, casuals and acid house. All underground scenes created by us, the common folk. 

In fact, it was the raw grit, blood, sweat, tears (and beers) of our ancestors that created the modern world. Sure, we've been mistreated and used, we still are. But our upper-class slave drivers couldn't have done any of it without us, not with their soft hands and weak wills. 

So take great pleasure in what you are and where you've come from. It's better to be born in the gutter and build character and resilience from your environment than grow up privileged and live a life of false entitlement. Class is permanent, be proud of yours.

And on odd occasion when you aren't happy with your lot, don't forget to exercise your right to riot! We're exceptionally good at that, too. 

Our only politics is street politics.

The Working-class Brand. 

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