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We are the working-class,With a dirty but glorious past.Skins and mods and ox-blood docs,Button-down shirts and fresh terrace togs,Behind the walls of crumbling factories and mills,wide-eyed ravers pop pills.Inspiration comes straight from the streets,From our music and style to the kicks on our feet,White Talcum powder on polished wood floors,Northern Soul nighters behind these closed doors.Zoot suits on scoots and braces and boots,Weekends for the football,He dribbles! He shoots!For we are the working-class,The rich, they might think we've come last.But they can thank us for music and popular culture,That they've leached and cashed in on like vultures,we've clung to our...

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Acid house, soccer casuals and underground dance music. Just what the Proctor ordered!  We recently had the great pleasure to speak to and interview mega talented Scottish writer and novelist Johnny Proctor. In this article we delve deep to find out about some of his influences, what inspires him and how he got into writing books. And not to mention a sneaky peek at his latest offering in the Zico book trilogy, Ninety Six.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What was it that inspired you to make a start on a novel?    Initially I hadn’t planned to write a novel. It wasn’t something that had ever...

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Dynamite Soul is a collective of crate diggers and DJ's from all corners of the UK who came together out of necessity. Not content with what was out there, they created their own platform to showcase the harder edge of heavy soul and deep funk.

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