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Aside from a week or so in July or August :D, it get's pretty cold up here. And as much as we have to admit that our true staple and best selling product is our tees, we do love a good sweatshirt. It's a garment that sits well with us and is perfect for layering up in the cold Northern winter, or even for pulling over a button down shirt to head out for a few scoops on a cool Summer evening. Either way, it's an all year round wardrobe staple. When we first embarked upon this journey, we decided from the get-go...

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With the use of our clothing we'd like to think that we can change the world, especially with those that inspire us and feature powerful working-class slogans and imagery. Of course we fully understand that on the grand scheme of things, even in the clothing world that we're just a small drop in a vast ocean. However if we can evoke emotion in just some of the people who share our passion when they wear our garms, then in a sense, we are changing the world and having an impact, even if it is just a relatively small one.  After a browse of our store and...

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No matter how much success I may or may not experience in life, I don't think I'll ever see myself as anything but working-class. I'm proud of that. Regardless of what happens I'd always consider myself that way. In fact, if you look around, some of the best innovations and biggest global brands out there arise from people who were otherwise considered an average Joe, with no academic qualifications to boot. The problem for me is that more often than not when they "make it", a large portion of those people forget where they came from.  Looking back , I had always...

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