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2020. And this year has got us thinking.  What, with the empty football stands, no live music, festivals and cancelled scooter rallies, what an awfully shit year it's been really.  It has also got us pondering the state Youth Subculture is in. Even the mainstream hasn't been so uncool ever in history. Young lads these days seemed more self obsessed than ever. The order of the day is teeth from Turkey, ripped skinny jeans and six pack abs over 6am wake-ups, clobber, booze and aggro. Where are all the men's men at? I would take the chavs and scallies of the early...

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Awaydays are the best days. In fact to me they usually dwarf pretty much any home game no matter how big or important that may happen be. More often than not, a good away trip to some baron decaying wasteland can turn into a better day out than a big local, potentially mobhanded rival at home. In fact when I think of the days that I was going to the match on a regular basis, there aren't many home games that instantly spring to mind, not at least from my time watching football as an adult. It even got to...

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