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We are the working-class,With a dirty but glorious past.Skins and mods and ox-blood docs,Button-down shirts and fresh terrace togs,Behind the walls of crumbling factories and mills,wide-eyed ravers pop pills.Inspiration comes straight from the streets,From our music and style to the kicks on our feet,White Talcum powder on polished wood floors,Northern Soul nighters behind these closed doors.Zoot suits on scoots and braces and boots,Weekends for the football,He dribbles! He shoots!For we are the working-class,The rich, they might think we've come last.But they can thank us for music and popular culture,That they've leached and cashed in on like vultures,we've clung to our...

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Acid House, british subculture, Casuals, Deep Funk, Football Casuals, Heavy Soul, Hooliganism, House Music, Motown, Northern Soul, Punk, scooterist, Scooters, Ska, Skinhead, Soul, Street Gangs, Subbaculture, Subculture, Suedehead, Teddy Boys, thatchers britain, working-class power, Youth Culture -

We recently caught up with our good friend Mark Hynds. Mark is the zine pioneer, creator and founder of what is perhaps the coolest subculture zine on the globe. He let us (and you) in on some of his coming of age influences and the path that led him to create the constantly improving Subbaculture brand.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the early eighties they shut down the Midlands car factory my dad worked at. With no options locally he travelled to Newcastle for work. Needs must. Away from our family for the first time he returned the following weekend with a present. A cassette of the...

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