We are the Working-class. Urban Grafters 1.

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We are the Working-class. Urban Grafters 1.

We are the working-class,
With a dirty but glorious past.
Skins and mods and ox-blood docs,
Button-down shirts and fresh terrace togs,
Behind the walls of crumbling factories and mills,
wide-eyed ravers pop pills.
Inspiration comes straight from the streets,
From our music and style to the kicks on our feet,
White Talcum powder on polished wood floors,
Northern Soul nighters behind these closed doors.
Zoot suits on scoots and braces and boots,
Weekends for the football,
He dribbles! He shoots!

For we are the working-class,
The rich, they might think we've come last.
But they can thank us for music and popular culture,
That they've leached and cashed in on like vultures,
we've clung to our pride and a true grafters grit,
Like we're still on the pickets defending the pits,
Politicians keep pushing to keep us divided,
But the day just might come when we stand strong united.

For we are the working-class,

Don't ever underestimate us.

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Urban Grafters

The Urban Grafters project is collection of urban poetry submitted by ourselves and various contributors from anywhere and everywhere. Featuring fictional creative depictions and celebrations of working-class life and British Street Subculture movements throughout the decades. 

Including street style cults from the Teddy Boys, Skinhead and Mod through to more modern movements such as Acid House, Rave and Terrace Casual culture. 

And not to mention the occasional reference to other music scenes including Ska, Punk, Rave, Street Punk, Madchester and Britpop to name just a few. 

Written words that shout loudly about our pride in our class and to ensure what we, the British Working-classes have given to the world throughout the years doesn't get lost in modern day commercialism and social networking. 

The working-classes of Britain have always been at the forefront of style and subcult fashions. Often tied with particular underground music scenes and the wearing of functional clothing that was never intended for them and was often never created to be worn as a fashion garment either. Many of these styles have stood the test of time and in some cases are still considered a modern wardrobe staple for the likes of the modern day skinhead, fesival gooer or match-going football dresser.  

So whether you believe it or not, if you have been born into the working-classes you've pretty much won the lottery of life. It's true!

Our writers are just everyday normal grafters like you and me. They come straight from the scooter rallies, the football terraces, music festivals and chalked fill floors of the Northern Soul all nighters. 

So, if you think your written work might be worthy of a written feature and love to write and create cool urban poetry. Drop us a mail at info@closerthanmost.com or inbox us at any of our social media channels.

Even if you don't have a poem entry for us, we would still love to hear from you and we always value any of your input. Please feel free to drop us any comments into the section below our blog entries. 


  • Steven Cotterill

    Look good in the boothen end !

  • john hardman

    great words. shame more young people do not appreciate the past ,the future and the contribution we make. or do they.

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