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Dynamite Soul is a collective of crate diggers and DJ's from all corners of the UK who came together out of necessity. Not content with what was out there, they created their own platform to showcase the harder edge of heavy soul and deep funk.

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british subculture, Casuals, Football Casual, Football Casuals, grafters, hooligans, industrial clothing, Northern Soul, Skinhead, Subculture, working-class, working-class power, Youth Culture -

No matter how much success I may or may not experience in life, I don't think I'll ever see myself as anything but working-class. I'm proud of that. Regardless of what happens I'd always consider myself that way. In fact, if you look around, some of the best innovations and biggest global brands out there arise from people who were otherwise considered an average Joe, with no academic qualifications to boot. The problem for me is that more often than not when they "make it", a large portion of those people forget where they came from.  Looking back , I had always...

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